San Jose, CA
R&D and Manufacturing Facility
100,000 sqare feet
General Contractor
Corporate Offices

Axis Mechanical was led all of the HVAC and plumbing in support of a 100,000 square foot renovation and upgrade to a manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA. The building, which boasts 30-foot-high ceilings, required both interior and exterior updates to support manufacturing, development and repair for products of a national surgical medical devices manufacturing company. The facility will include the repair of highly specialized medical tools and surgical equipment. The facility will have a high-bay warehouse, medical device and equipment repair area, offices, training rooms and a cafeteria.

Axis Mechanical performed 9,000 hours of work, installing 15,066 linear feet of duct and 130,000 pounds of sheet metal for the duct work. There were hundreds of different duct sizes with the largest one at 108” tall x 82” wide. The building was fully scanned with Leica RTC 360, which is owned and operated by Axis Mechanical. The company’s Sheet Metal Detailer incorporated the existing building via scan and overlayed it with the Design team’s Revit model.

The project was fully laid out via Trimble Total Station, which is also owned and operated by Axis Mechanical. This allowed the team to accurately locate all piping, plumbing and ductwork supports. It was an efficient way to order and install duct with ninety-five (95) percent of the project’s duct cut to length before it arrived on site.
Some of the larger ductwork being over 60sf mean

  • Installation of new piping to the new CRAC units on the first level to the new roof ACCU units
  • Cores for the new piping going through the roof
  • Insulation on all HVAC Duct and HVAC piping
  • Pressure Testing of new piping and connections to new equipment
  • New HVAC ducting per the Mechanical plans and Specs
  • All Mechanical equipment per the Mechanical Schedule and Plans
  • Test and Air Balance
  • Mechanical equipment curbs & isolators
  • Scanning, excavation and backfill to the new plumbing trenches, capping of  existing sanitary waste
  • The demo of two existing showers and two sinks. We will demo and cap the existing plumbing
  • Installation of new lab waste and lab vents
  • Installation of two new 350 gal. neutralization tanks with control panel and plumbing connections
  • Installation of new sanitary waste and vent system to the new fixtures
  • Installation of new domestic cold, hot and hot water return to supply the new fixtures
  • Installation of two new AC-1 for compressed air
  • Installation of a new natural gas pipe to supply two units on the roof