San Jose, CA
Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose
Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose
9,000 Square Feet
General Contractor
James R Griffin Inc.
Pica + Sullivan Architects, Ltd.
Religious Organizations

Upgrade to residential facility as part of a larger restoration of Rosary Building, which is a historic 9,000 square foot, 3-story structure built in 1929. Over the past 90+ years, this building has served as a teaching and living space for the sisters; however, during that time, there were no major updates made to the HVAC and plumbing systems. The building is home to Sisters in active ministry as well as those requiring assisted living or skilled nursing care. Axis Mechanical was responsible for completely upgrading the plumbing, heating and cooling systems for the sisters’ residences. This included installing a Multiaqua simultaneous heating and cooling chiller system, which uses water for heating and cooling (rather than traditional R410A refrigerant). 


HVAC Scope

  • Common area ventilation system with individual fan coil units to multiple rooms
  • HVAC demolition and installation of HVAC equipment
  • Installed HVAC refrigerant piping, ductwork, with dampers and grilles
  • DDC Controls (ESI) for AHU , EF, six leak detectors, (standalone T-stats for Fan Coils)
  • Installed louvers, flashings, hangers and supports
  • Installed roof bridge and provided temp air for confined space work
  • Coring for concrete penetrations and crane rental

Plumbing Scope

  • Demo of existing sanitary waste, vents and domestic hot and cold waters, from first floor to the roof, including capping of the existing plumbing
  • Scanning, coring, saw cutting, excavation and backfill to install new underground plumbing on 1st floor and new fixtures from the second floor to the roof for new vents
  • Installed: new gas supply line with tie in to existing gas on the third floor, new sanitary waste and vent system for the new fixtures per P2.04 and P2.05 with tie in to existing sanitary waste and preconstruction video verification of existing line, new domestic hot & cold water to new fixtures, tie in to existing waters, new condensate drains to new fan coils and draining of condensate to lavatory tail piece
  • Condensate drains installed from second floor to roof, new condensate pumps for each fancoil, new storm, roof overflow & roof receptor, new piping from roof to 3rd flr
  • Make up water to roof with new BFP, installation of fixtures. Insulation of hot water. Sanitation of new domestic hot and cold water piping. Investigation, layout to new ceiling core & saw cutting. Pieced sanitary waste together through new ceiling core