San Jose, CA
Kaiser Permanent San Jose Cooling Tower Replacement
Kaiser Permanente
General Contractor
DPR Construction

Axis Mechanical joined the DPR Construction team to replace two aging cooling towers and chillers serving this 685,000 square foot medical center campus. The goal of the project was to simultaneously replace the older equipment and increase the chilled water capacity. Our work included:

  • Installation of 47 chilled water primary pumps and 46 chiller rooms
  • Increased cooling from water cooled system
  • Increased tonnage of cooling water to 500 tonne cooling tower and replaced two 200 tonne chillers with new 800 tonne chiller 
  • Upgraded and doubled the cooling capacity of the chiller plant
  • Water pre-reads for existing Chillers
  • Hot Taps with isolation valves to isolate temporary chilled water, isolation valves to safe off house system to temporary systems
  • Staging & removal of  Air-Cooled Chillers and installation of temporary hoses that were fed from the Temporary Air cooled chillers
  • Shut down existing Chillers and turned on Temporary Air Cooled Chiller, monitored the VFDs at the Temporary Chillers
  • Installation of  new Thread-O-lets & ball valves for pre/post GPM readings of the water & monitor TEMs chillers & pumps
  • Demolition/safe-off, cut and cap
  • Installation/anchoring of Chillers, Cooling Tower, Pumps and VFDs
  • Installation of the new piping and connection to the new equipment, including structural supports, seismic bracing, ductwork, diffusers, flushing of piping, 60 feet of chiller supply/return piping, piping insulation, exhaust fans and DDC Controls
  • Installation and welding of new Thread-O-lets & ball valves